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 me and Nolan North

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One Night Stand

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PostSubject: me and Nolan North   Thu Nov 17, 2011 8:37 am

just a couple of pics of me with Nolan North,

a few may have seen these on my Facebook

I won a competiton to meet Nolan North for a one on one session at the Eurogamer Expo

Me and Nolan

practicing some melee shots on Drake....

he took a shot for me.....but notice my counter attack.....

it was such an amazing day, here is the post I put on the PS forum after the day

What an absolutely fantastic day we had yesterday (Saturday)

along with all the games to try and play we play so many too many to list...

My nephew and I got fast track tickets for the Vita to play Uncharted Abyss,

Throughout the day we were given loads of freebies t shirts,posters,keyrings,and some games

We got to meet up with some online friends it was nice to meet up in person face to face,

Met up with Envisager and some of his team who were all very friendly,

but the highlight of our day was the competition prize to have a one on one with Nolan North....

A time had been arranged for 4.30-4.40pm for a quick meet up before his final presentation of the day at 5pm....well he is obviously so popular with his fans and time was getting on and he was due to start his presentation...I was a little concerned it may have to be cancelled but my worries were soon extinguished when the PR team from Sony whisked us away VIP style pass the vast queue for the developer session into the theatre with front row seats we sat right next to the lady who going to play the game footage later on in the show.

Nolan came on stage and talked in depth of his involvement of the game explaining mo-cap,script,stunts and funny stories that happen on set.

You can really tell his passion for the Uncharted series,he can across as a real down to earth guy laughing and joking with audience and explaining the process of recording the dialogue and the motion capture for the game.

There was some unseen game footage of the game obviously no photography or video was allowed, the lady sat next to us started playing and got a big cheer when she earned a trophy,at times it did look like she was going to be killed but she came through it up popped another trophy,the gameplay was fluid as you would expect she pulled off a few more melee kills, Drake fell through a roof a cut scene was just starting to play and then it stopped just a the right moment to keep us guessing what happens next...

Nolan wrapped up his talk,answered some fans questions, Johnny Minkley from Eurogamer said Nolan would sign fans autographs and have pictures taken..A hoard of fans formed queues and he signed for all his fans.

After short while the fans had dispersed and we got to meet the main man ourselves,originally planned was a quick 10 minute one on one,he was such a nice guy he made my nephew and I feel so privileged he called us by name throughout the whole time answered loads of our questions signed our games had photos taken..Our quick 10 minute one on one had turned out to be around 45 minutes or more.....

From start to finish it was a thoroughly enjoyable day....

So much so that timed had passed without noticing the show had finished downstairs, Envisager was concerned the cloakroom would be shut and he wouldn't be able to collect his fluffy coat..(gods knows what it looks like..Maybe ts some type of Delboy clobber)..

Joking aside I must say that he (Envisager) and his team where very friendly and a pleasure to meet, we were both really taken back by the attention they gave us and the time they arranged for us to meet one of our hero's

All in all they made it one special day for us that we will not forget for a very long time

Thank you very much.

Mark (bcfc545) and Ben (redheads357)
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I ♥ Ann Summers

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PostSubject: Re: me and Nolan North   Thu Nov 17, 2011 8:57 am

It looks like you had an awesome time - great pics too Smile
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Saucy Devil

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PostSubject: Re: me and Nolan North   Thu Nov 17, 2011 9:03 am

Wow what an amazing day and one that will stay with you and your nephew forever......I'm probably not alone in being glad that someone we all know from the forum won such an awesome prize Smile ......So a big Congrats on winning and enjoying a great day


Red says Mooooooooo !!
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PostSubject: Re: me and Nolan North   Thu Nov 17, 2011 9:08 pm

Amazing,He seems a lovely chap by the look of it Smile

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PostSubject: Re: me and Nolan North   

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me and Nolan North
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